Safety and security

The hospital has 24-hour on-site security and video surveillance (CCTV) monitoring across the campus. The security office is located on Level 2. For emergency security assistance at any time, call 07 3068 3300.

All external entrance doors to the Queensland Children’s Hospital are locked between 8pm and 6am for security reasons. Entry to the hospital overnight is through Emergency via Stanley Street. You can exit from any door.

A safe environment for everyone

Children’s Health Queensland is committed to making the Queensland Children’s Hospital a safe and friendly environment for patients, families, staff and visitors. Intimidation, verbal abuse, swearing or violence against anyone will not be tolerated.

If you see or experience any such behaviour and/or are concerned about you or your child’s safety, please notify a staff member. Alternatively, you can contact security directly.

Contact us

t: 07 3068 3300