Coming for an outpatient appointment

The Queensland Children’s Hospital provides a range of outpatient services to children who have been referred by their family GP or other health professional. Here are some tips and information that can help make coming for your outpatient appointment easier.

How to prepare your child for their visit to hospital

Talking to your child about what will happen when they come to the hospital can help prepare them for their outpatient appointment. Showing your child pictures and telling them about the fun things they can see and do is a great place to start. Check out the pages below with your child before your appointment to help reduce their anxiety about visiting the hospital.

What to bring

  • Any relevant medical information and a Medicare card.
  • An iPad or book is great to bring for the waiting room. There will soon be free device charging stations throughout the hospital.
  • Snacks. There are also a number of cafes/vending machines where you can buy food and drinks. The food court and convenience store are located on Level 2.
  • Any questions that you might like to ask your child’s health professional. Your child might have some questions too! It’s easy to forget what you were planning to ask, so you may like to write them down and take them with you.

Travelling to the hospital

The Queensland Children’s Hospital is centrally located in South Brisbane, making it easily accessible by public transport. There is also a drop off zone and a number of carparks near by. For more information visit our travelling to hospital page.

Check-in kiosks

You can check-in for your child’s appointment at one of three automatic kiosks located on level one (near the escalators) and level two (opposite reception). Please bring your Medicare card with you.

After swiping your Medicare card you will be directed to your clinic location. Please enter your mobile number when prompted during check-in. This enables us to send you a text message when the clinician is ready to see you.

It is important to let our reception staff know when you arrive for your child’s clinic. If you need to leave the area, please advise staff so they can send a text message when it is time to return.

Ask our volunteers

If you need help finding a clinic or anything else in the hospital, just ask our friendly Children’s Hospital Foundation volunteers (look for the people wearing the green shirts). Our volunteers are always on hand to guide and/or escort patients and families around the hospital. You can find them at the reception desk on Level 2.

Contact us

Appointments at the Queensland Children’s Hospital are coordinated by the Outpatients Department. If you have any questions or cannot attend your appointment, please contact us. We are available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

t: 1300 762 831

yourQH App

yourQH app

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