Public or private

If a child requires admission to hospital, they can be treated as an insured patient (also known as a private patient), if their family is Medicare eligible and has current private health insurance.

This can include having your child admitted as an insured patient at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, or at another facility.

We respect your right to decide what is best for your child and family.

If your child is admitted to the Queensland Children’s Hospital, whether as an insured or public patient, they will receive the best possible healthcare we can provide.

Download our fact sheet for more information.

The best care for everyone

All patients, whether public or insured, have a specialist and their treating team, who will manage the medical care.

Your child will be seen by junior medical staff daily for the duration of their hospital stay. The specialist or team of specialists will be involved in all significant clinical decisions.

As an insured patient, your child will have the option of seeing their specialist for any ongoing care after discharge.

This continuity of care can be reassuring to children and families. You may also be entitled to receive the following benefits:

  • No out-of-pocket expenses for hospital accommodation fees, theatre fees, diagnostic services, pathology and pharmaceuticals (other than discharge medications, which all patients are required to pay for).
  • Discounted excess or co-payment contribution of your private health insurance if it applies.

No extra cost to you

If you choose to use your private health insurance for your child’s treatment, you will not be billed for any out-of-pocket expenses.

We will pay any gap fees not covered by your health insurance policy. There is nothing for you to pay.

This applies to patients being admitted via the Emergency department and most insured patient admissions.

Some patients will have made prior admission arrangements directly with their private specialist which may involve some gap fees.

Please ask the Patient Options Liaison Team if you are not sure.

Helping us help sick kids

Hospital funding and resources are limited. When families choose to use their private health insurance at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, the hospital receives additional funding from your insurance company and Medicare. This income helps us improve facilities and services for patients and their families across Queensland.

Easy billing

Queensland Health Queensland supports ‘hassle free’ billing. If you are privately insured and have elected to have your child admitted as an insured patient, we will bill Medicare and your insurance companies directly wherever possible.

This means no bills or extra paperwork for you.

If you do receive any bills, please send them back to us and we will take care of them.

Contact us

For more information contact the Patient Options Liaison Team.

t: 3068 2577 / 3068 2477 / 3068 3813