Patient entertainment system

Our Patient Entertainment System (PES) gives you access to free-to-air TV, Foxtel, radio, the Internet and movies.

You can find it on the side of your bed and in other areas throughout the hospital.

Just push the power button underneath the screen on the right-hand side to turn it on. Then, choose your entertainment by simply touching the menu items on the screen. When you’re done, you can turn it off by pushing the same power button you used to turn it on, or, if you just want it in sleep mode, there’s a second power button on the screen at the bottom you can touch. Just touch the same button again to wake it up.

It comes with a handset if you need one, complete with all the necessary control buttons, and you can either listen to it through your headphones, the TV, or the speakers on the PES or handset.

Make sure you ask about the Patient Entertainment System when you’re in your room.

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