Fun stuff for kids

We know that visiting or staying in hospital can be a daunting for our patients, which is why we make sure there are plenty of fun things for them to do.

The Queensland Children’s Hospital works with our charitable partners to make the hospital a fun place for our patients to be. From the Patient Entertainment System (PES) to the Starlight Express Room, there are a range of activities and resources available that make visiting, or staying at the hospital a more positive experience for children.


Children’s Hospital Foundation staff and volunteers manage a free supervised playroom called Kidzone on Level 6 of the Queensland Children’s Hospital. There are toys and activities for kids of all ages including Nintendos and PlayStations, arts and crafts, board games, hula hoops, skipping ropes, balls, bubbles, playdough, and more.

Kidzone gives kids the opportunity to get out of their rooms and gives siblings a place to play and have fun while their brother or sister receives treatment or attends an appointment. Kidzone also offers an after-school program, where children from the hospital’s on-site school can be dropped off and play until their parents or carers can pick them up.

Play is such an important aspect of a child’s life, so we want to make sure that even though they are in hospital, they have an opportunity to smile, laugh and just be kids. Our dedicated volunteers are always happy to get involved with the fun and games, and their goal is to bring a smile to the face of every Kidzone visitor.

Patients and their families can access the Kidzone on Level 6 of Queensland Children’s Hospital seven days a week.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday | 9am-4.30pm

Children under three (3) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and a parent or guardian must remain on site at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

For more information, talk to one of our friendly volunteers, contact Volunteer Services on 07 3068 1662, or visit the Children’s Hospital Foundation website

Family Resource Centre

The Family Resource Centre on Level 2 (near the main reception desk)  also offers families computer and internet access, printing, free WiFi, phones, faxes, information on local support groups and services, health information resources, and volunteers who are on hand to assist in any way they can. For more information visit the Children’s Hospital Foundation website.

Patient Entertainment System

The touch-screen Patient Entertainment System (or PES) found at each inpatient bedside and in other areas throughout the hospital, gives you access to free-to-air TV, Foxtel, radio channels and games.

Starlight Express Room

Open the doors to fun and laughter in the hospital
The Starlight Express Room is a super fun place and it’s right here in the Queensland Children’s Hospital. It’s where Captain Starlight and a team of amazing volunteers create a world of fun with games, arts, crafts, singing and dancing.

It’s a bright, happy place that looks and feels nothing like a hospital.

A place where everyone’s welcome
Everyone is welcome to visit the Starlight Express Room. Whether you’re in hospital for an appointment, a day, or for a longer stay, you can pop in, spend time together and enjoy all the fun and games. Brothers, sisters and whole families are welcome.

Please note: children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday | 9.30am-4.30pm

What if we can’t get to the Starlight Express Room?
For kids who can’t leave their hospital bed, Captain Starlight visits the hospital wards spreading some much-needed fun and laughter. Starlight TV also broadcasts all the fun of the Starlight Express Room live to kids’ bedsides daily.

Find out more on the Starlight website.


Starlight’s Livewire program is for teens aged between 12 and 20.

Livewire supports teenagers living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability by helping them connect with others, explore their creativity and develop new skills.

Livewire runs a range of creative workshops in the hospital including music, art, photography, film making, creative writing, multi-media and celebrity visits. Livewire also visits the hospital wards Monday to Saturday.

In the evening, the Starlight Express Room becomes a teen-only chill out zone where young people can build friendships, feel independent and connect with others who understand what they’re going through.

All Livewire hospital workshops are run by trained Livewire facilitators and a team of volunteers. Everyone is welcome to pop by!

You can also check the hospital events calendar to find out what’s on at QCH.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday | 5pm-7.30pm
Saturday | 12.30pm-3.30pm

Ronald McDonald Family Room

Located on Level 2 (2b), this room provides a quiet retreat for families to relax and eat. Services include a beverage bay with free tea and coffee, a microwave and sandwich toaster for preparing snacks, and a children’s play area.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday | 8am-4pm
Saturday to Sunday | 10am-2pm

For more information visit the Ronald McDonald Family Room website.

Radio Lollipop

Our in-house Radio Lollipop station gives young patients a voice and a choice during their stay. While they can´t say ‘no’ to taking their medicine or receiving treatment, they can request their favourite songs, win prizes and hear their own voices on the radio.

A live show is broadcast week nights 5.30pm-7.30pm and Saturdays 9.30am-11.30am to all wards in the hospital. Patients can tune in via the bedside Patient Entertainment System.

Read more about Radio Lollipop.

Scholastic Book Bunker

The Children’s Hospital Foundation Scholastic Book Bunker on Level 2 has over 5,000 books for patients to choose from. For patients who can’t leave their beds, our hospital volunteers bring the books to you on a mobile trolley. For more information please visit the Children’s Hospital Foundation website.

Juiced TV

Juiced TV, a weekly TV show made by kids in hospital, for kids in hospital – is proudly made possible by the Children’s Hospital Foundation. It’s an Australian first, giving patients and siblings the chance to star in their own TV show, supporting their healing and wellbeing in the process. Since the first episode in January 2015, more than 2,700 patients and their families have taken part, and over 200 episodes have been viewed more than 2.5 million times on YouTube.

Any of our hospital families can be a part of Juiced TV! It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you want to host your own segment or want to help out the crew by filming with us – get in touch by email at, call 0401 416 649 or reach out on Facebook. They’d love to make some TV magic with you!