Art in health consultancy Art in health consultancy

Arts in Health consultancy

We are highly experienced in providing a range of arts in health consultancy services to adult and paediatric hospital and healthcare facilities nationally and internationally. With extensive theoretical and research-based knowledge and practical management experience in arts in health, we can confidently advise on curating collections and managing commissions; managing stakeholder consultation; developing strategies, policies, and procedures; managing artwork installation, cataloguing, maintenance, insurance, and publications; and developing and managing an innovative program of performances, activities and events.

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Curating collections and managing commissions

Curating collections and managing commissions


We can provide direction in the curation and commissioning of artworks for the hospital or healthcare facility. This includes developing curatorial themes and identifying artists whose work will be meaningful and inspiring for patients, families and staff. Artworks might range from large-scale commissions to more intimate works for specific locations.

Developing strategies, policies, and procedures for artwork installation and interpretation

Developing strategies, policies, and procedures


We can assist in the writing of business cases for the inclusion of artwork in any healthcare facility, as well as in the production of persuasive strategies for its integration and display, provide advice on every aspect of artwork acquisition and collection management, and guidance on the development of a collection that is relevant to and provides connections with your local communities.

Arts in Health public programs, partnerships, research and events

Public programs, partnerships, research and events


We are able to provide advice for the development of dynamic programs of music, performance, workshops and creative opportunities for patients, families, visitors and staff across a wide spectrum of cultural genres and activities. We can also provide advice on forming alliances and partnerships that will enhance and enrich the experiences of everyone who is cared for and works within your facility.

Lynne Seear

Lynne Seear, Arts in Health Program Manager

Lynne has been a senior curator and arts manager for 30 years, including 16 years at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art in management roles. From 2000 to 2010, she was the Queensland Art Gallery’s Deputy Director Curatorial and Collection Development, where she had executive oversight of the curatorial programs and projects that were crucial to the establishment of the Gallery of Modern Art, in particular the growth and display of the Gallery’s contemporary collections. She was also involved in developing the Children’s Art Centre and managed the curatorial teams that created a series of ground-breaking contemporary exhibitions for children, attracting new family audiences to the state gallery.

Since 2011, Lynne has worked on the development and implementation of a multi-faceted arts program for Children’s Health Queensland at the Queensland Children’s Hospital as Manager Arts in Health Program. She has a specialist interest in the importance of arts and culture to wellbeing and the integration of creative arts programs within healthcare settings. For further information, email

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