For patients and families

MyQCH is the Queensland Children’s Hospital’s app for families. It provides valuable information for visiting or staying at the hospital as well as resources to help parents and carers support their child’s overall health and wellbeing. Read more

Information about your child’s confidential medical records, how we use them to make sure the most appropriate care is provide, and how you can access them. Read more

Assistance is available for families visiting the Queensland Children’s Hospital including cultural support services, travel subsidies and interpreter services. Read more

The Central Resources Service provides outpatients with clinical consumables and equipment such as suction pump, bandages and syringes for their ongoing care at home after discharge. Equipment can be loaned for both short or extended period of time depending on individual needs according to their respective treating team. Read more

Information about the Children’s Advice and Transport Coordination Hub (CATCH) and Nurse Navigator programs and how they ensure clinicians have access to specialist clinical advice and assistance with the transport coordination of children across Queensland. Read more

The Queensland Children’s Hospital works with our charitable partners to make the hospital a fun place for our patients to be. From the Patient Entertainment System (PES) to the Starlight Express Room, there are a range of activities and resources available that make visiting, or staying at the hospital a more positive experience for children. Read more

Our Immunisation Centre provides opportunistic immunisation under the National Immunisation Program schedule (NIPs) to patients and their family accessing services at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Read more

The Queensland Children’s Hospital has its own school for children from Prep to Year 12. Our classrooms are full of engaging education activities, and teachers can even visit you on the wards of the hospital if you are too ill to leave your bed. Read more

The Pharmacy Department at the Queensland Children’s Hospital manages all medications across the hospital, including the preparation and supply of all inpatient medication on the wards, and prescription and dispensary services for children visiting the hospital. Read more

We respect your right to decide what is best for your child and family. Whether your child is admitted to the Queensland Children’s Hospital as an insured or public patient, they will receive the best possible healthcare we can provide. Find out more about what it means to use your private health insurance, or be admitted as a public patient. Read more

The Queensland Children’s Hospital uses telehealth to deliver healthcare services, consultation and treatment in a patient’s home or local community. Read more

View our events calendar for information about fun activities, special events and performances at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Read more

The Arts Program at Queensland Children’s Hospital uses visual art, interactive creative events and performance pieces to promote healing and bring joy to all patients, families, staff and visitors. Read more

Our children, young people and families have the right to receive the best possible care. We respect the rights of our children and families and know that children receive the best care when the health service and families work together. Read more