Level 12 expansion FAQs

The expansion of the Queensland Children’s Hospital is in response to above-average occupancy rates and subsequent wait times for high-demand services, which have exceeded original forecasts. This expansion will provide greater flexibility around how beds are used – especially during busy periods such as winter – to help reduce the impacts currently being experienced when service demand is high.
The hospital was built for future growth with provision for an additional inpatient ward on Level 12.
The six additional oncology beds are in response to an increasing need for oncology services and are critical for ensuring timely management of oncology treatment year-round.

The new oncology beds will be situated together, in a location that will be determined during the design phase, with the agreed principle they will be co-located with the oncology ward as much as practicable.

Expanding capacity at the Queensland Children’s Hospital has been a priority for Children’s Health Queensland over the last two years. During this time, a complex process of health service data analysis and extensive engagement with staff, patients and families was undertaken to inform future service requirements and strategic planning. During the design phase, we are adding to this information by gathering further input from staff and consumers to inform planning recommendations.
Active engagement with staff and consumers is a priority during the design phase. A series of workshops are under way with co-design groups made up of representatives of clinical and non-clinical staff and established consumer groups. These groups are helping to guide issues, needs and priorities which will inform planning recommendations. Children’s Health Queensland’s Family-Centred Care Committee and Family Advisory Council are also providing input and guidance. By working collaboratively, we aim to maximise the benefits of the space for staff, consumers, and our hospital and health service.
To deliver this expansion on-time and on-budget, a dedicated project group has been established, with oversight by the Health Service Chief Executive. A working group is coordinating the design phase of the project, including the co-design workshops and meetings with Children’s Health Queensland consumer groups. The design phase working group is overseen by a commissioning project steering committee, which is made up of senior organisational and clinical leads and consumer representatives.
To ensure we deliver the new ward on time and can access its benefits as soon as possible, the concept design phase will be completed by late-April 2019.
Detailed design is when the concept plan for the new ward is progressed to detailed architectural drawings. During this phase, the specifics of the ward layout are decided, right down to the location of power points and light switches, as well as confirmation of the proposed patient case mix.
The detailed design phase began in May and is anticipated to be complete in August 2019.
Given the utilities already available in the Level 12 shell space (plumbing, electricity), as well as the data and insights we have gathered over the past two years, we are confident this timeframe will allow us to engage effectively with staff and consumers to deliver the best outcome for staff, patients, families and the community.
Expanding the bed capacity of the Queensland Children’s Hospital is just one element of our broader plans to help meet increasing service demands. Other initiatives include identifying service models and improvements to reduce hospital demand e.g. the Hospital in the Home service which allows children to receive treatment at home when appropriate, strategies to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, and working with other hospitals and health services so that patients and their families can receive their care closer to home.
A tender will be issued in the second half of 2019, with construction expected to begin by early-2020.