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Our blog, ‘Growing Pains’ is created in collaboration with medical professionals and provides insight, tips and advice about topical children’s health issues and developmental milestones.

Grief doesn’t stop on the holidays

Christmas means different things for different people – a religious and cultural celebration, an eagerly awaited break from the daily grind of work, seasonal feasts or just Santa Claus and presents.

20 December 2019 |

Transitioning – it takes a community

When each of our children were born, my husband and I thought of them as our sons. However, in December 2015, my youngest child, then nine-years-old, transitioned to living as female, supported by her child psychologist, my husband, and me.

21 August 2019 |

How I won my battle with persistent pain

For most people, a case of appendicitis involves a bit of short-term pain that goes away once the condition is treated with antibiotics or the offending organ is surgically removed. But for 15-year-old Indianna, it marked the start of a long, isolating journey with persistent pain that frequently left her in tears and unable to enjoy life.

26 July 2019 |

A doctor’s perspective: what it’s like to care for a baby with whooping cough

Anyone who has cared for a child with whooping cough knows how frightening the disease’s signature coughing attacks can be. Here, Dr Sophie Wen, an immunisation specialist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, shares what happens when children come to hospital with whooping cough, and what can be done to prevent them contracting it.

18 June 2019 |

Five things your baby needs for good mental health

Babies are born ready and eager to connect with other people and their surroundings. Their brains are ‘hard-wired’ to quickly learn about family, community and culture, and in the first three years of life, the brain grows to 90 per cent of its adult size. Here are five simple things parents and caregivers can do to foster healthy growth and development in their baby's early formative years.

10 June 2019 |

How to support your child when their sibling is dying

Though the subject of death and dying is uncomfortable for many of us and the experience of losing a loved one can be overwhelming for all of us, talking about death to your child as openly and honestly as you can is important in helping them to understand that it is a part of life.

20 May 2019 |
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