The best care for every Queensland child - Our stories The best care for every Queensland child - Our stories


Sending Carter to the Moon

Virtual reality project gives young people the chance to escape their hospital rooms and live their dreams.

Future’s looking bright for Evie

Prep vision screening ensures Queensland children get the best start to their education.

Joey’s story

Joey’s life was turned upside down when a leisurely horse ride ended with him fighting for his life in intensive care.

Riley’s courage

From the outside, Riley, looks like a typical four-year-old. However, inside his body, it’s a different story.

Asha’s story

Cancer battle saw Asha become the youngest person in the world to receive custom 3D-printed implants.

Jamarl tunes in to his full potential

Ear health program helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids to hear, talk, learn and play.

When pain won’t go away

For Indianna, a case of appendicitis marked the start of a long, hard battle with persistent pain.