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Genetics study identifies new cause of physical deformity

A Children’s Health Queensland researcher has helped identify a new rare genetic disorder that reduces the production of cholesterol in children, causing physical deformities and developmental delays.

21 June 2018 |

Hot drinks, foods are leading cause of child burns in winter

Fifty-three children were treated at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for scalds from hot beverages and foods including soups, stews and noodles last winter. A further 17 children’s burns were caused by contact with a gas, wood or electric heater.

5 June 2018 |

Enhancing paediatric palliative care across Australia

More than 450 health professionals across Australia have received dedicated palliative care training in the past six months under a pioneering education initiative led by Children’s Health Queensland.

25 May 2018 |

Parents warned to start allergenic foods early

Parents should feed their babies allergenic foods early to reduce the likelihood of them developing food allergies later in life.

18 May 2018 |

New leader for children’s health board

David Gow, a law, banking and finance specialist with extensive experience in boards and committees has been appointed the new chair of the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Board.

14 May 2018 |

Digital records to go live at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

Final preparations are under way for the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital next step towards its digital future with the introduction of the fully integrated electronic medical record (ieMR).

5 April 2018 |
Last updated: 28 June 2017
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