23  October 2020

Congratulations to the Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Project team who recently won a 2020 Global Sepsis Alliance Award (Governments and Healthcare Authorities category).

The Global Sepsis Alliance is made up of more than 100 organisations from across the world and provides global leadership to reduce the worldwide burden of sepsis.

Every year, the Global Sepsis Awards honour major contributions in the fight against sepsis and an award jury comprised of internationally-recognised experts in patient safety and patient advocacy evaluates all submissions and identifies the winners. It is only the second time an Australian authority has won the Governments and Healthcare Authorities category.

Children’s Health Queensland Intensive Care Specialist A/Prof Paula Lister said the award recognised the vision and hard work of all those involved in the development of the Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Project, which aims for sustained, year-on-year improvement in the experience and health outcomes of children, young people and families affected by sepsis.

“We are proud to be honoured with this award, which recognises our innovative work and the multidisciplinary approach we have taken with our family representative partners, to reduce the burden of sepsis across the state including regional, rural and remote Queensland,” A/Prof Lister said.

“We developed the Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Project to improve the key areas influencing paediatric sepsis rates. These include an improvement in public awareness of the danger signs of sepsis, evidence-based guidelines to help clinicians in the early recognition and treatment of sepsis, sustained education for healthcare workers and consumers across the state, the creation of digital solutions to aid decision-making, and greater support for families and patients affected by sepsis.”

“Supporting children, young people and families is at the heart of the Paediatric Sepsis Project. Family representatives have been crucial and highly valued partners in the design and implementation of this project.”

“This international award is a validation of the unique, multi-faceted and innovative approach the paediatric sepsis team has taken to tackle a serious and significant problem faced by children, young people and families across the state. It has made the team all the more determined to succeed,” A/Prof Lister said.

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