1 November 2017

Up to 100 of the best medical science minds in the country converged at today’s third annual Children’s Health Queensland Research Symposium at the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH).

Participants included top local and visiting surgeons, brain cancer specialists, pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, occupational therapists, medical students and more.

They hailed from leading sister medical science bodies such as the Queensland Brain Institute,  QIMR Berghoffer and the Institute for Molecular Bioscience.

The Research Symposium, which also featured standing foyer displays at Level 7 of the QCH, covered many vital subjects of interest to Australia’s medical science community.

These included: Applying a clinical service re-design methodology to establish a statewide approach to the developmental needs of children with congenital heart disease following early open heart surgery, Parental perspectives of children’s pain at home post tonsillectomy and Complex appendicitis: Exploring hospital and pre-hospital delays to surgical intervention.

QCH Acting Director of Research and event chair/convenor, Professor John Pearn, said the extremely popular event continued to grow every year, with 21 speakers selected to present on the day, out of 107 submitted research abstracts.

“This prestigious event covered a broad domain of potential interventions to improve children’s lives,” Professor Pearn said.

“The broad disciplines of medical research involve meticulous methodologies, sheer hard work and resilience.”

The Children’s Hospital Foundation, which sponsored the symposium, presented awards at the event close.

Children’s Hospital Foundation Chief Executive Officer Rosie Simpson said the symposium would help make a difference to the lives of sick kids.

“Events like the Children’s Health Queensland Research Symposium are a prime opportunity for top medical specialists to share ideas and learn about what other services are progressing – with the ultimate aim of helping to save lives in the lead-up to this year’s fourth annual Channel Nine Telethon on 18 November.”