5 April 2018

Final preparations are under way for the Queensland Children’s Hospital next step towards its digital future with the introduction of the fully integrated electronic medical record (ieMR).

The process to convert patient medical records to the ieMR, which stores a patient’s medical history digitally, will begin next week.

The ieMR technology means a child’s medical history will be available as a single digital record that can be accessed throughout the hospital and across Queensland. This will enable better, more accurate and quicker sharing of information about a child’s care.

ieMR Advanced Project Medical Lead Dr Andrew Blanch said this significant change in the way the hospital operates would deliver a more integrated healthcare experience for patients and their families.

“Our clinicians will document a child’s treatment in a digital record instead of paper charts,” Dr Blanch said.

“This record will provide a single source for a child’s medical information including their medical history, medications, scans, tests and medical images.

“All information will be recorded in real-time enabling our staff to have access to a child’s most up-to-date medical history.”

More than 2,700 staff – including nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other allied health staff – have undergone intensive training to ensure the hospital can transition to the new system safely and effectively.

For more information about the changes, see www.childrens.health.qld.gov.au/digitalfuture