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The Queensland Poisons Information Centre has a small number of brochures and stickers available. You may order supplies of these by completing and lodging the order form electronically. A small fee may be charged for large quantities. If you have a large order, be sure to include your telephone number on the order form. Alternatively, feel free to print information for personal use directly from this website.

Resources available for order

  • Poisoning advice brochure
    A pamphlet that provides basic first-aid information for poisoning incidents – what to do before ringing the Poisons Information Centre and advice on poisoning prevention. Suitable for the home or workplace. Alternatively you can download our fact sheet.
  • Poisons information sticker
    These stickers are a suitable size for sticking on the telephone and in a telephone book. Suitable for the home or workplace.

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Resources available for order from the Queensland Poisons Information Centre
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Useful links

Animal poisonings

Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage

The Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage website has a brief bibliography of publications relating to poisoning by plants and fungi.

Australian Plants Online

Information about poisonous Australian native plants, (mainly in relation to stock and animal poisonings).
Australian Plants Online

Bites and stings


Child safety / injury prevention

Farm safety, witholding periods / re-entry periods

First aid

Food poisoning / ciguatera

Health Direct

The Australian Government Health Information portal – This information relates to plant poisoning.

Help lines

Illicit drugs / drugs of abuse

Lead paint

Medicines information

Medicines in pregnancy / breastfeeding

Plant identification / information

Toxicology text books / databases etc