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Artwork in QCH Artwork in QCH

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork at the Queensland Children’s Hospital

The Queensland Children’s Hospital is proudly home to more than 300 pieces of artwork from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from Queensland and across Australia.

The artwork collection includes paintings, photographs, weavings, sculpture and works on paper by some of the most acclaimed artists in the sector. There is also an emphasis on emerging artists and those working in remote communities. Artworks range in scale from major commissions to smaller, more intimate works.

The collection aims to help create a culturally safe and welcoming environment in hospital and to showcase the amazing diversity and richness of contemporary art production by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities.

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Tony Albert - The Glad Tomorrow
Richard Bell - Me Me Dreaming
Megan Cope - Quandamooka 2014
Shirley Macnamara - Guutu
Danie Mellor - Idealism
Gary Namponan - Ku
Eric Norman - Pambe
Tari Sagigi - All ya come small one
Wayne Williams - Mornington Island
Elisa Jane Carmichael - Healing Rock Vessel
Marlene Holroyd - Qantas
Elizabeth Queenie Giblet - My home my people