Nurse Navigator – Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nurse Navigators, based at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, work with families and hospital doctors to identify and monitor the healthcare requirements of children with high needs, develop tailored care plans and facilitate timely access to appropriate services.

The Nurse Navigator for Autism Spectrum Disorder (NN-ASD) works with families, communities and professionals to understand and support the needs of children and young people who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and challenging behaviours/medical complexity.

The NN-ASD is part of the child development program which is a specialist public health service that supports children across the Greater Brisbane area.

Accessing our services

If a child is a current client of the child development service, no referral is required to access the service, however consultant engagement regarding the referral is recommend.

For children who are not current clients, referral to the child development program is required.  Referrals to the service are accepted from GPs and hospital and private consultants.

Referring a child or young person

Referrals can be made from a GP, paediatrician or another medical specialist. The referring practitioner must provide information about the presenting developmental concerns and ensure pre-referral guideline criteria are addressed.

Pre-referral guidelines and a referral form link can be found here:

For more information on eligibility for services, waiting times, developmental advice and other service options, such as private therapists and community organisations, phone the Child Development Access Service on 1300 366 039.

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