Refugee children and young people

Refugee children are one of Australia’s most vulnerable populations. With limited access to health care they are often exposed to poor living conditions, physical and emotional stress before arriving in Australia. Children’s Health Queensland is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of refugee families through culturally responsive initiatives and services.

Refugee health services

Children’s Health Queensland works in partnership with Metro South Hospital and Health Service to support the refugee health services at the Logan Central Refugee Health Clinic. This culturally responsive facility provides initial health assessments and vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases such as tetanus, chicken pox, whooping cough and measles – diseases Australian children are vaccinated for at an early age.

Families who attend the clinic can get assistance from interpreter services and a clinical nurse. This is aimed at helping the refugee community to access health information and link-in with community services such as the Queensland Tuberculosis Control Centre, Oral Health Services and a local GP for ongoing care.

Logan Central Refugee Health Clinic

97-103 Cnr Wembley and Ewing Roads, Logan Central QLD 4114
t: 07 3290 8900