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Queensland families who have had a child impacted by sepsis have identified a need for consistent, research-based and timely education. The below resources aim to provide you with information on ‘what is sepsis’, how your child may be affected, what medical support they may need as well as the types of medical, practical and psychological supports are available for your child and family throughout this challenging time.

Journeying through Sepsis

We recognise that having a child in hospital with a diagnosis of sepsis is a very challenging time for you, your child and other members of your family and community. The below eight-part ‘Journeying though Sepsis’ video series aims to support your family by providing information on each stage of your child’s hospital journey – from initial diagnosis through to intensive care, rehabilitation and support after discharge. We hope that this video series will provide you with clear and relevant information that you can explore further with your child’s health care team. Watch these videos however you choose as they have been designed to be watched in part or in full, individually or in order as a series.

We thank the Queensland families who have openly and honestly shared their experiences in order to help others: Sabella, Marissa and Peter; Tiffany and Austin; Cindy and Myles; Amy, Peter and Mia.

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What is sepsis?

Early stage of admission: the facts

Support during the early stages of admission

Rehabilitation: the facts

Support during rehabilitation

Preparing for discharge: the facts

Support for preparing for discharge

Sepsis: some final thoughts