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Optimus PRIME

Preparation for Retrieval in Medical Emergencies

PRIME is a course developed by STORK for healthcare professionals who may need to resuscitate an unwell child pending the arrival of a paediatric critical care team.  It is designed to educate your staff and systems test your department.

PRIME builds upon the foundations of CORE to cover :

  • Advanced airway management
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Inotropes
  • The role of communication and human factors in paediatric resuscitation
Things to do before the course:

  1. Complete the elearning on your computer or smartphone
  2. Print your elearning certificate and bring it to the course.

After the course:

  1. Complete the participant evaluation form
Things to do before the course:

  1. Complete the elearning at least once
  2. Download the instructor’s manual and review your assigned stations.
  3. If you are presenting, download the powerpoint slide and edit your slides as required.
One month before the course:

  1. Email participants:
  2. Email instructors:
  3. Review the instructors manual
  4. Review the powerpoint slides

One week before the course:

  1. Print out the PRIME printable resources
  2. Ensure sufficient copies of your local paper resources (listed within the  above document, PRIME printable resources)
  3. Print a copy of the Participant pack, one for each participant.
  4. Print a course certificate for each participant (password protected, please email stork@health.qld.gov.au for password if an administrator)

The day of the course:

  1. Run through the setup checklist and ensure all stations set up appropriately.
  2. Ensure the powerpoint slides are installed on the presentation computer.

After the course:

Useful links

For further educational resources view Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care Education

For resuscitation tools, clinical guidelines, drug guides and more view Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care

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