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Optimus CORE

Clinical Observation and Response to Emergencies

CORE is a course developed by STORK that teaches foundational knowledge for paediatric health care staff on:

  • Recognising deteriorating paediatric patients
  • Orientation to local Medical Emergency Response Systems
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

CORE includes an eLearning package, a 4-hour face-to-face course and formal BLS assessment.

Before the course you must:

  1. Complete the eLearning
  2. Print your eLearning certificate and bring it to the course

After the course:

  1. Complete the participant evaluation form
Before the course you should:

One month before the course:

  1. Email participants:
  2. Email instructors:

One week before the course PRINT the following:

Within one week after the course:

Useful links

For further educational resources view Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care Education

For resuscitation tools, clinical guidelines, drug guides and more view Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care

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