Children’s Resuscitation Emergency Drug Dosage (CREDD) Education

The educational service known as STORK (Simulation Training Optimising Resuscitation for Kids), in collaboration with the CREDD team, have developed the following educational resources to familiarise clinicians with CREDD.

CREDD is a weight-based equipment and medication guide intended for use by clinicians managing critically unwell children during the initial stages of resuscitation. It contains information on the recommended dosing, preparation and delivery of drugs administered in a wide range of paediatric emergencies. It has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of Queensland clinicians and pharmacists with emergency, paediatric, paediatric intensive care and retrieval expertise.

Why use CREDD?

By eliminating the need for calculations, CREDD reduces the cognitive burden at the time of resuscitation thereby limiting the potential for error and improving the speed of medication delivery.

Introductory video

How do I access CREDD?

Look for a printed copy in your Resus room or access the digital version on the Resuscitation section of the Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care webpage.

View CREDD Digital

Additional copies are available for purchase (see details below).

Drug preparation videos

Practice preparing drugs using CREDD

Further information

Reason for contact Contact
Advice at the time of resuscitation Paediatric critical care onsite or via Retrieval Services Queensland on 1300 799 127
Advice relating to CREDD training or to purchase a printed CREDD book STORK team
Feedback relating to CREDD CREDD team

Useful links

For further educational resources view Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care Education

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