Supporting Teams Caring for Type 1 Diabetes

Each session consists of a short presentation by a panel member followed by 1 or 2 case discussions from participants.

These free sessions are held fortnightly on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm (Brisbane time)

2019 schedule

13 February – 19 June 

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About this series

Children and youth who have type 1 diabetes (T1D) face a life-long commitment to their health from diagnosis. T1D has a considerable impact on the emotional wellbeing and quality of life of a person and their family (AIHW 2013). It requires the careful balance between insulin, diet and exercise to support optimal growth and development.

Maintaining blood glucose within target levels is associated with better health outcomes, and reduces the risk of short and long-term complications. In addition, the technological aspects of diabetes care and related advances for insulin delivery (pumps vs injections) continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) and new insulins, highlight the need for coordinated team management and ongoing professional development (Wares 2018, ISPAD 2018).

Project ECHO® will provide a forum for diabetes educators and colleagues, to access professional guidance and support to respond to the complex needs of children living with diabetes. This series has been developed in response to the growing demand for local diabetes management outside of the metropolitan centres, tertiary centres.

This series is targeted towards diabetes educators and their teams, particularly those working in regional and rural areas and other interested providers. Participants will learn about intensive insulin management, insulin dose adjustments, carbohydrate counting, CGMS and insulin pumps. Psychosocial concerns for the child and adolescent will also be explored.

Credentialled Diabetes Educators or Diabetes Educators working towards credentialling through The Australian Diabetes Educators Association can claim CPD points for participation in the Project ECHO® series.

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What our participants have to say

“Participating in ECHO® is like having a friendly weekly check-in with an expert panel to round out your complex consultations. The value to my patients in providing a well-rounded opinion to them after presenting their child’s complex presentation to the ECHO® panel is amazing. It has opened up my mind to the possibilities of multidisciplinary case conferences where I previously thought them an impossible dream for general practice.”
Dr Aaron Chambers MBBS BSc DCH FRACGP, Grow Medical
“It has been wonderful to get actual multidisciplinary teaching on this very common condition! One of the things that has really struck me is the amount allied health can really contribute to the management of ADHD. This includes not just dietitians, OTs and psychologists but also social workers and school guidance counsellors. Not only have I learnt a lot about ADHD, I have also learnt so much about holistic patient care.”
Dr Melita Cullen MBBS BSc(Hons) RACGP DCH, Majellan Medical Centre