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Become a Replication Partner

You and your team can join the global ECHO community by launching an ECHO hub site! Starting an ECHO Program (also referred to as ‘replicating’ or ‘replication’) begins with becoming an official ECHO Replication Partner.

Replication Partners grow in number every month and represent a variety of disciplines around the world. From chronic disease, assistive technology in education to substance use disorders, ECHO Replication Partners continuously find innovative ways to use the ECHO model to amplify impact and increase capacity in their fields of focus and communities they support.

Overview to becoming a replication partner

Becoming an ECHO Replication Partner involves 3 steps

  1. Complete the ECHO Partner Application Form.
  2. Sign our Partnership Documents – Available under the Agreements button below
  3. Attend a 2-day Immersion training – Information available under the Immersion button below
  4. Connect to the global ECHO community


It is important to spend some time understanding how and why the ECHO model was developed, and how the model can be used to achieve your target outcomes. Understanding the ECHO model is also key to gaining support for your ECHO hub from key stakeholders in your organisation during your implementation phase. The following videos and resources can help with this:


If the ECHO model fits your local needs and resources and you are ready to commit to becoming a Replication Partner, download and complete the ECHO Partner Application Form. The form will help you consider key aspects of your first intended ECHO. Please submit to for feedback.


After submitting the application form you will be sent two partnership documents. These are customised for your organisation to be signed at the organisational level (CEO/legal counsel), between your organisation, Children’s Health Queensland and the ECHO Institute™. These documents formalise your license to replicate the ECHO model.

Here are some samples from the ECHO Institute in Albuquerque, USA:

Statement of Collaboration: this summarises the roles and responsibilities of the ECHO Institute and CHQ, along with the expectations of our ECHO Partners.

Intellectual Property Terms of Use Agreement: this is a legally binding agreement outlining the role of the ECHO Institute and CHQ as well as the responsibilities of partnering organisations, and intellectual property rights.

Signing these agreements is a pre-requisite to attending our two-day Immersion training, and any virtual training offered at CHQ or the ECHO Institute.

After you have completed your ECHO Partner Application Form, you can request customised partnership documents by emailing

Sign and return the Appropriate Use Guidelines, to enable ECHO Institute provisioning of access to the Project ECHO Resource Library (


If you are ready to replicate ECHO, your team have completed your application form and your organisation has signed the partnership documents, you can then attend Immersion training.  This is where we offer a deeper dive into the ECHO model and next steps for implementation. Through Immersion, you will develop an ongoing relationship with our Replication Team and other ECHO staff members, who will assist you in understanding the ECHO model in-depth and prepare you to launch your own ECHO network.

This two-day in-person and interactive program conducted by ECHO CHQ requires partnership documents to be signed before participation can occur. If you have not signed the partnership documents and would like to attend Immersion, please contact the Replication Team at

For organisations that are ready to implement ECHO: we suggest that organisations send an implementation team rather than a single individual wherever possible. Each team’s composition varies, but we suggest at least one content expert or specialist (particularly important to bring the team leader), other members of your anticipated ECHO hub team, an administrative or coordination lead and an IT support lead.

You can also consider bringing other contributors to your ECHO work, including those representing a learner perspective, or prospective funders. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions about who you may be considering to send to Immersion training.

You will leave Immersion training with an implementation plan, and a scheduled opportunity to discuss your progress with ECHO CHQ and the Asia-Pacific ECHO Collaborative.


With the anticipated relaxation of social distancing restrictions by mid-July, we have set aside the following 2 days for our next face to face Immersion Training:

27 – 28th July

Times:  Two full day

Register online to attend training for your team (individual and group registration options are available).


Immersion training delivered by CHQ costs AUD $2000 per person to attend. This is a cost-recovery fee that covers the labour costs for the Superhub team to deliver Immersion training.

If you have any queries, please contact us via

Replication Supports

Once you become a Replication Partner, the following resources and support will assist you in your ECHO replication journey:

Dedicated technical assistance
The ECHO CHQ team will be your first line of contact for help and support, and all partners will be provided with a dedicated Partner Support Representative. This role provides assistance with early replication needs – answering questions, connecting you to relevant resources, providing technical assistance – as well as other support needs beyond initial implementation.

Access to an extensive and growing library of replication resources
Replication Partners will find a myriad of resources in the online Project ECHO Resource Library (PERL).  These resources have been developed and used by the ECHO Institute in New Mexico, CHQ and all other hubs worldwide. Resources include case-presentation templates, disease specific curricula, grant writing and budgeting resources, as well as marketing tools and ideas, and many others.

Connections to other hubs and the global MetaECHO Community
ECHO Replication Partners never miss an opportunity to share and learn. All Replication Partners are added to the weekly MetaECHO newsletter, monthly MetaECHO Community video-calls, collaborative(s) of choice and invited to our global MetaECHO Conference.

Contact for any enquiries

Steps to becoming a replication partner

Becoming an ECHO Replication Partner involves completing the ECHO Partner Application Form. After that, you will sign our Partnership Documents and attend Immersion training. At training, you will learn how to implement the ECHO model in your community and to build a successful program. Immersion training delivered by CHQ costs AUD $2000 per person to attend.  This fee covers the labour costs for the Superhub team to deliver Immersion .

Beyond Immersion training, attendees will continue to receive free ongoing technical assistance and mentorship from the Superhub team, as well as be invited to join the Asia-Pacific Collaborative.  The Collaborative is a supportive forum comprising all ECHO hubs located across the Asia-Pacific region.  You will also become a member of the global metaECHO community, connecting you with colleagues using the ECHO model worldwide.

Contact us

Use the left-hand sidebar to enrol or find out more about a particular series. For general enquiries, please email:


Replication is the implementation and adoption of the ECHO model, based on community needs and resources, with training and technical assistance from the ECHO Institute and other superhubs.

The actual replication of the ECHO model is completed by organisations who have signed partnership contracts – legal documents outlining the conduct of Project ECHO, responsibilities for partnership, and intellectual property rights – with the ECHO Institute and have completed intensive training (Immersion) in the principles and applications of ECHO.

We call these organisations ECHO ‘partners’ or ‘replication partners’.