Project ECHO®

Project ECHO is a virtual knowledge sharing model that expands the capacity of professionals from any sector supporting children and young people. It’s about partnerships that bridge gaps to bring change.
ECHO networks are interactive conversational communities of practice, linking like-minded learners to integrate care.

The panel and participants learn and share together through live, facilitated case discussions. Our inclusive and interactive approach informs every ECHO network and session.

Since starting with the pilot ADHD ECHO in 2016, we have become the largest hub in Australia launching networks for paediatric palliative care, complex pain, disability, kids and teens mental health and behaviour, adolescent health and wellbeing, paediatric gender health care, refugee health, child protection, congenital foot anomalies, obesity and type 1 diabetes.

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Participant comments

“Participating in ECHO® is like having a friendly weekly check-in with an expert panel to round out your complex consultations. The value to my patients in providing a well-rounded opinion to them after presenting their child’s complex presentation to the ECHO® panel is amazing. It has opened up my mind to the possibilities of multidisciplinary case conferences where I previously thought them an impossible dream for general practice.”
Dr Aaron Chambers MBBS BSc DCH FRACGP, Grow Medical
“It has been wonderful to get actual multidisciplinary teaching on this very common condition! One of the things that has really struck me is the amount allied health can really contribute to the management of ADHD. This includes not just dietitians, OTs and psychologists but also social workers and school guidance counsellors. Not only have I learnt a lot about ADHD, I have also learnt so much about holistic patient care.”
Dr Melita Cullen MBBS BSc(Hons) RACGP DCH, Majellan Medical Centre
“The session was fantastic – what a great format to provide support and professional guidance to such a large demographic area. I think this format of learning, sharing and support from the experts is great and should be adapted to other challenging clinical areas.”
Bernadette Sellwood, Senior Dietitian , Cairns Hospital
“As a rural therapist often working in isolation it can be challenging to access professional development. ECHO has provided fortnightly supervision and support from the convenience of my own office! The design of the program allows for consolidation of knowledge and expert opinion in a supportive environment. I have expanded my own reflective practice skills after being given the opportunity to present whilst also receiving direct feedback from statewide experts.”
Chloe Taifalos, Physiotherapist Paediatrics

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