CHQ GPConnect

CHQ GPConnect is an integrated model of care provided through the Connected Care program that supports and empowers GPs to manage the needs of Connected Care patients in the community. CHQ GPConnect aims to strengthen partnerships between primary care providers, specialist teams, and Connected Care patients and their families to help reduce reliance on hospital services and provide care closer to home.

CHQ GPConnect has three tiers of support:

  1. Level 1 Support: 24/7 GPConnect phone support line (for GPs and patients)
  2. Level 2 Support: Videoconference between the GPConnect Team and GPs (in-hours only)
  3. Level 3 Support: In-person clinical assessment and support by the GPConnect nurse (at the GP clinic in-hours only)

CHQ GPConnect is only available for Connected Care patients and their GPs in the Metro South HHS and Metro North HHS regions. No referral is required to use CHQ GPConnect.

If you are a GP with a Connected Care patient and you would like more information about the project, please contact the CHQ GPConnect project officer via email:

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CHQ GPConnect project officer