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Almost two years on from a near-fatal stroke experience, Anthea from Toowoomba is a happy, healthy toddler. She is a strong, determined little sister to Kai and daughter to Karli and Dan.

5 September 2019 |


Twenty-month-old Amy has 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, a rare disorder caused by the deletion of a small part of chromosome 22, which left her with a cleft of the soft palate.

21 August 2019 |


Fifteen-year-old Connor is lucky to be alive after his skull was shattered after a cliff fall in March. The injury meant he has to learn to speak, read and write again, but his determination is inspirational.

24 July 2019 |


Melina was just two-years-old when her parents, Christina and Matt, noticed she was asking for water more frequently. They never thought this thirst would lead to a type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

18 July 2019 |


Riley looks like a typical four-year-old. However, inside his body, it’s a different story. Riley has Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anaemia (CDA), a rare type of anaemia, which affects the production of his bone marrow and means there are not enough blood cells to carry oxygen throughout his body.

14 June 2019 |


What started as a fun family outing for 17-month Eliana, of Bundaberg, ended in a painful admission to emergency because someone did not take the time to safely extinguish their camp fire. Eliana suffered second degree burns to her right hand and foot when she innocently walked over a hidden campfire that had been covered in sand.

11 June 2019 |
Last updated: 27 June 2017
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