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Yarrabilba hub to support the health and learning of local families

Yarrabilba’s newest hub, The Family and Community Place, today opened its doors offering educational, social and health-related activities for the community, particularly families with young children.

8 October 2018 |

Queensland research leads to a new cystic fibrosis medication now available in Australia

Hundreds of Australian children living with cystic fibrosis (CF) now have greater access to a life-changing medication, thanks to an international collaboration in clinical trials, supported by Children’s Health Queensland’s respiratory physician Professor Claire Wainwright.

5 October 2018 |

Minister announces hospital name change

The Health Minister Steven Miles announced on Friday, 21 September 2018 that the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital will be renamed the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

27 September 2018 |

Radiation and chemotherapy in childhood can increase risk of rare secondary cancer

Childhood cancer survivors who were treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy are around 50 times more likely to be diagnosed with a rare secondary therapy-related cancer later in life, new research has found.

13 September 2018 |

Developmental pathway to give cardiac kids best possible future

Queensland children born with congenital heart disease (CHD) who undergo open-heart surgery in their first year will be guided towards the best possible future, thanks to a new developmental pathway.

30 August 2018 |

Genetics study identifies new cause of physical deformity

A Children’s Health Queensland researcher has helped identify a new rare genetic disorder that reduces the production of cholesterol in children, causing physical deformities and developmental delays.

21 June 2018 |
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