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Our blog, ‘Growing Pains’ is created in collaboration with medical professionals and provides insight, tips and advice about topical children’s health issues and developmental milestones.

“I wish I’d asked for help earlier”

I first started experiencing issues with my mental health when I was 12. I managed to hide what was going on from my family and the teachers at school. I was ashamed with how I was feeling. I knew that I wasn’t okay and that something wasn’t right. I wish I had of gotten help earlier. It was only when I reached breaking point that I sought help.

9 October 2017 |

Could it be sepsis? Four words that might save a life

We hadn’t heard of sepsis before Liam got sick but we quickly learned that is an overwhelming infection of the body. It is rare, however it is very real. It is life-threatening and it can take a life extraordinarily quickly if not recognised and treated early.

15 September 2017 |

How to help your child build a healthy body image

In this modern era of all invasive multimedia platforms and communication technologies we are continuously confronted with images, messages and ideals about our bodies. For children and young people already grappling with issues of identity as they grow up, it can sometimes be overwhelming and lead to self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy because they are not tall enough, slim enough or buff enough.

8 September 2017 |

10 things every parent can do to keep their kids safe online

As parents, we generally do everything we can to keep our children safe and well, from getting them to ‘slip, slop, slap’ before going out in the sun, to being careful when crossing a road and always wearing a helmet when cycling. But what are you doing to protect them from bullies, predators and inappropriate content online?

8 September 2017 |

Giving the gift of life

It is a privilege to work with families who choose for their child to be an organ donor, and it has shown me, that at the worst imaginable time, people are capable of incredible courage, strength and generosity. It’s a decision that we all hope we never have to make, but it’s something that we should not be afraid to talk about.

4 August 2017 |

Maintaining your breastmilk supply while your baby is in hospital

When a young baby is admitted to hospital, it’s often a stressful time for mothers, who understandably worry about how they will continue to breastfeed. Here are some handy tips on how you can maintain your breast milk supply for your baby, even when they cannot feed at the breast due to illness, medical procedures or surgery.

3 August 2017 |
Last updated: 01 March 2019
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