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Our blog, ‘Growing Pains’ is created in collaboration with medical professionals and provides insight, tips and advice about topical children’s health issues and developmental milestones.

How to reduce allergens in your home

While allergies can’t always be cured, they can be managed by taking a few preventative steps at home so your child can be as comfortable as possible.

18 June 2018 |

Seven reasons why play is good for your kids’ health

Playing is the natural way that babies and children learn and develop new physical, intellectual and emotional skills. So why is play so beneficial to a child’s development?

5 June 2018 |

A few things I’ve learned about palliative care: from one parent to another

For most children with serious illnesses, the aim of medical treatment is cure. Unfortunately, some illnesses cannot be cured and the focus of care slowly changes from aiming for a cure, to controlling symptoms caused by the disease and allowing the child and family to enjoy their time together.

25 May 2018 |

Music and mental health: Help your child find their voice

Music can play a major part in a young person’s life and music therapists have long been tuned in to its powers to help with physical recovery and mental wellbeing. Help your child find their voice.

2 March 2018 |

Four ways exercise helps keep anxiety at bay

Regular exercise can be used as a therapeutic tool for children and young people with depression and anxiety conditions to decrease their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Support children with these clever ways to help treat depression and anxiety in kids.

23 February 2018 |

Supporting a young friend through cancer

Helping a friend isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Throw cancer into the mix and you’ll probably find yourself pretty confused about what to say and do. If you’re reading this, you obviously value your friendship and want to do some research about how to help, which is a great start.

5 February 2018 |
Last updated: 01 March 2019
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