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Our blog, ‘Growing Pains’ is created in collaboration with medical professionals and provides insight, tips and advice about topical children’s health issues and developmental milestones.

Achondroplasia: It’s just one small part of the bigger picture

Hearing that there’s something wrong with your baby is actually much harder to digest than the news that your child has dwarfism. Once you have a diagnosis, you can act on it and move forward.

29 October 2018 |

My journey to mental health recovery

When I was 10 years old, I got very physically sick and nearly lost my life. I soon found out that I had Type 1 Diabetes. Everyone around me was so busy worrying about my physical health that no one thought about the impact that a lifelong, incurable disease would have on my mental health.

4 October 2018 |

Exercise, sleep, and screen time – how much do kids need?

When it comes to better health for our kids, the whole day matters. Balancing time spent being active, sleeping, and sitting is vital, but striking that balance can be tricky – and it can be hard to know just how much of each activity is enough.

3 October 2018 |

There’s no room for myths when talking about youth suicide

Adolescence is a time where young people experience strong emotions, including ups and downs. For some people the downs can be so intense and extreme that they run out of ways to cope with this pain on their own.

10 September 2018 |

Five signs that your child might be addicted to video games

‘Just five more minutes’…. ‘But I can’t save at this point”…. ‘I’m almost levelled up’… If you’re a parent or a carer of a young person, the chances are you’re familiar with these common excuses for why they need more time in the all-consuming world of online multiplayer gaming.

29 August 2018 |

What’s wrong with rewarding or punishing children with food?

Giving a child a sugary snack for doing well at school or denying them a treat when they’ve been naughty seems harmless in the moment, but could it be teaching children unhealthy eating habits that could affect their lifelong health?

22 June 2018 |
Last updated: 01 March 2019
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