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Our blog, ‘Growing Pains’ is created in collaboration with medical professionals and provides insight, tips and advice about topical children’s health issues and developmental milestones.

Turn it down and tune in to the risk of hearing loss

The reality of hearing damage won’t be music to the ears of tune-loving teens and tweens addicted to their personal music devices (or loud music in any situation), but the fact is exposure to recreational loud noise is a major cause of hearing loss in Australia.

8 March 2019 |

Life back in the community after cancer

Completing cancer treatment can be both an exciting and concerning time for families. What a family goes through is tougher than most people realise.

22 February 2019 |

Is that snack as healthy as it says on the box?

Did you know that a medium berry smoothie can contain almost 50g of sugar? That’s about the same amount of sugar you would find in a 500mL cola. Something can be branded as ‘healthy’, but still contain high levels of energy, salt, sugar and fat.

14 February 2019 |

Should my child be drinking caffeine?

Your teenager may regularly reach for a coffee, energy drink, or other caffeinated beverage. But should your child be drinking caffeine at all?

22 January 2019 |

Help young minds to heal after a natural disaster

Severe weather events like cyclones, floods, fires or drought can be scary for people of all ages, but babies and young children may feel particularly insecure and vulnerable.

20 December 2018 |

Achondroplasia: It’s just one small part of the bigger picture

Hearing that there’s something wrong with your baby is actually much harder to digest than the news that your child has dwarfism. Once you have a diagnosis, you can act on it and move forward.

29 October 2018 |
Last updated: 01 March 2019
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