Smart Referrals Reporting and Analytics Capability

The Reporting and Analytics Capability (R&AC) project’s scope is to integrate and capture near real-time data from the systems that support the end-to-end specialist outpatient services process. This will give Queensland Health the ability to track the specialist outpatient journey from both clinical and administrative perspectives and allow read access to referral information and outpatient data and activity at any point within the referred patient’s journey.

This capability will provide Queensland Health and Hospital and Health Services with a centralised ability to:

  • digitally support a referred patient end-to-end
  • electronically track the patient journey from when a patient referral is first submitted to a specialist outpatient service right through to when the outpatient is discharged
  • monitor and analyse operational performance and service capacity at clinic, facility, HHS and state-wide levels
  • provide valuable insights to support clinical service improvement, process redesign and development of new models of care
  • measure the efficacy of Specialist Outpatient Services improvements, such as the introduction of Clinical Prioritisation Criteria and clinical pathways
  • minimise the risk of lost/duplicate referrals/request for services
  • enable waitlist auditing and a view of waitlists to support better planning and resourcing
  • enhance workflow efficiency by providing a single view of state-wide demand
  • generate static, ad hoc and performance reporting
  • optimise population health and identify behavioural activity by providing centralised analysis of trends and monitoring of the status of cohorts of patients

Project rollout

The project initiation and funding phase was complete in Nov 2017. The team progressed to solution design and platform selections required to initiate the pilot phase in quarter two 2018.



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