Smart Referrals Reporting and Analytics Capability

The Smart Referrals Reporting and Analytics Capability project (SRRAC) will enable the capability to integrate, analyse and report on referral data from a variety of existing Queensland Health data sources. It will deliver business intelligence dashboards that will allow iRMS-adopting hospital and health services (HHS) and Department of Health divisions to track how effectively Specialist Outpatient Strategy measures are improving state-wide referrals.

SRRAC is one of six projects in the state-wide Smart Referrals program (integrated referral management system – iRMS). It is being delivered by Children’s Health Queensland’s Integrated Care Digital Program project team.

The project’s underpinning principle is to deliver a sustainable operational capability that supports all Smart Referrals components. The capability will be delivered by December 2018 in three product sets:

  • Referral and appointment activity reporting
  • Waitlisting and clinical prioritisation criteria (CPC) reporting
  • Smart Referrals end-to-end reporting.

Patient referral journey

Smart Referrals improves the patient’s referral journey.

Outpatient Referral Journey

Business benefits

  • Provide reports or dashboards requiring new data, or new interpretations of data, to make them more readily available and reduce time and cost to deliver.
  • Provide a more complete data set in near real-time for reporting and analytics purposes that will reduce time to detect and respond to operational or situational events that necessitate a response.
  • Improve ability to monitor and analyse operational performance and service capacity at clinic, facility, HHS and state-wide levels
  • Improve degree of insight and completeness of data representing the referred patient journey from initiation by the referrer to discharge from both clinical and administrative perspectives.
  • Improve insights to support clinical service improvement, process redesign and development of new models of care.
  • Increase ability to measure the efficacy of specialist outpatient services improvements, such as the introduction of Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) and clinical pathways.
  • Improve ability to accurately and precisely measure the achievement of iRMS program benefits.
  • Improve efficiency for obtaining data relevant to the referral management process for use digitally by outpatients department administrative and clinical staff members, at the time they need it, within the context of the referred patient.

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