Patient Online Portal

Children’s Health Queensland’s new integrated patient portal will allow patients and their families to better navigate their healthcare by managing their specialist appointments and accessing health-related information from one place.

What will be delivered?

As a first step in our journey, both the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and the Princess Alexandra Hospital will run trials of the Patient Online Portal. Patients and caregivers will be able to securely:

  • manage specialist appointments.
  • message clinical and non-clinical teams to simplify appointments and schedule follow-up care.
  • view health records, prescribed medications and test results.

After the trial phase, the benefits to our patients will be evaluated, the portal will be further optimised and planning will begin for expansion to other hospitals and health services across Queensland.

Children’s Health Queensland is partnering with Queensland Health’s Health Improvement Unit to transform the way we partner with our patients and their caregivers.


Patient Online Portal fact sheet and FAQs

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