Digital Pregnancy Health Record

Children’s Health Queensland is project managing the development and delivery of the new National Digital Pregnancy Health Record (DPHR). It is one of five projects making up the Longitudinal Child Digital Health Record, an initiative of the National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative.
The Collaborative’s program of work aligns with the National Digital Health Strategy Strategic Priority 5: digitally-enabled models of care that improve accessibility, quality, safety and efficiency. The DPHR was identified as a key initiative in in ensuring a healthy pregnancy leads to a healthy child and a healthy adult.

Currently a woman’s pregnancy records are mostly captured on paper. Women carry the paper record between health care providers and appointments. As with all paper records, information is often double-entered into paper records and digital systems and they may be forgotten or misplaced. Additionally, each state in Australia has their own version of a paper-based pregnancy health record, and private providers may also have their own versions.

The DPHR will deliver a nationally-consistent digital version of the paper-based pregnancy records. It will be shared between the pregnant woman and her healthcare providers and improve the woman’s ability to move between healthcare organisations. For clinicians, having all relevant information available at the point of care will enhance the overall safety and quality of care they provide.

The project team will collaborate closely with expectant woman from across the community, public and private obstetricians, midwives, general practitioners and other health professionals to codesign and develop the solution to support integrated care.

Children’s Health Queensland is partnering with Mater Health Services, who have previously developed a pilot of a digital pregnancy health record, and a number of Queensland hospital and health services. South Australia Health is providing evaluation and research support.