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Haymaker’s mushroom (Panaeolina foenisecii)

Haymaker’s mushroom (Panaeolina foenisecii) This small brown-capped fungus occurs in small groups, commonly in lawns. The cap is hemispherical, to convex, 2–4cm diameter, dry (not slimy) and light to dark brown. The gills are greyish becoming dark brown, and are attached to the stem. The stem is tough, cylindrical and light brown. Toxicity [...]

Mango (Mangifera indica)

Mango (Mangifera indica) An evergreen tropical tree to 30m with a dense canopy and grey brown bark, cultivated in gardens and commercially grown for its edible fruit. Flowers are fragrant, small, cream coloured with five petals, and clustered in terminal panicles. New leaves are pinkish red maturing to a dark glossy [...]

Green-spored parasol (Chlorophyllum molybdites)

Green-spored parasol (Chlorophyllum molybdites) Very common in lawns and garden beds, during wet periods of spring, summer and autumn, occurring in groups or fairy rings. The large caps, 10-30cm in diameter, are whitish to brown, broadly conical often with margins slightly upturned, and covered with concentric circles of pinkish-brown to chocolate-brown scales. The [...]

Earth balls (Scleroderma)

Earth balls (Scleroderma) Common in Queensland. Found growing in partnership with the roots of Allocasuarina and Eucalyptus, or related species. Roughly ball-shaped, often looking somewhat like a scaly or warty potato, 2–10+ cm in diameter, brownish and usually lacking a stem. The surface is thin to thick and a variation of light yellow, [...]

Naked lady (Euphorbia tirucalli)

Naked lady (Euphorbia tirucalli) A hardy, leafless ornamental shrub with smooth, dull green branches, cultivated as a pot plant or in the garden as a small tree. The flowers are small and yellow. The leaves are small, narrow, dull green and soon fall off. Toxicity category: 1, 3 Warning: [...]

Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) An evergreen perennial herb, often grown as an ornamental, also very popular as a container plant. The flowers are fleshy white to cream sheath or bract, called a spathe, surrounding a spike of fragrant, closely packed minute flowers. The leaves are bright green, lance shaped, shiny, up to [...]

Hairy thornapple (Datura metel)

Hairy thornapple (Datura metel) A softly hairy annual herb up to 1m tall, often with purplish stems. A weed of roadsides, waste places and cultivation. Flowers are pendulous and trumpet shaped, deep purple outside, lavender to white inside; 14-20cm long with 5 lobes ending in a fine point. Flowers are usually double [...]

Grevillea species

Grevillea species A popular evergreen ornamental with a sprawling habit, up to 1m. The flowers are crimson with protruding styles or stalks. The leaves are dark green, divided into narrow segments with silky hairs underneath. Leaves can measure up to 20cm long. Toxicity category: 3 Warning: - [...]

Lantana (Lantana camara)

Lantana (Lantana camara) A variable species ranging from small compact garden specimens to larger weedy scrambling shrubs to 2m. The stems of the plant are square, often with prickles along the stem angle. Flowers are grouped in clusters at the end of a stalk. These clusters are about 3cm across. Each [...]

Guatemala rhubarb (Jatropha podagrica)

Guatemala rhubarb (Jatropha podagrica) A deciduous ornamental often grown as a pot plant or in rockeries, this shrub has a thick gouty, swollen stem up to 60cm, often a few large leaves near the top of the plant. The flowers are very small and coral red in colour. Flowers throughout [...]

Last updated: 19 July 2017
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