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Mipla Binna | Hearing aids and cochlear implants

Hearing aids and cochlear implants Children with a permanent hearing loss may be fitted with hearing aids. They are: Miniature amplifying devices that make sounds louder. Devices which help children with a hearing loss to make the best use of their existing hearing. There are three types of aids: 1. [...]

Mipla Binna | Planning your audiology appointment

Planning your audiology appointment Your baby has received a ‘refer’ result. This means your child will need to get more hearing tests done. You may need to travel long distances for your appointments, so it’s best to plan ahead. 1. Confirm your audiology appointment You will receive [...]

Mipla Binna | Your family journey

Your family journey Everyone reacts differently to the news that their child has a hearing loss. Never think you are alone and that you are the only person to have a child with hearing loss. Thankfully these days, children can be diagnosed at much younger ages. Your child needs [...]

Mipla Binna | Medical appointments

Medical appointments Meeting with health professionals When it comes to hearing loss, there are two main pathways in which your child can be assessed: Medical Support and early intervention A Family Support Facilitator can help you with each step of the process. You and your child will need to [...]

Mipla Binna | Early intervention services

What is early intervention? An early intervention service is an education or therapy service designed to help children with permanent hearing loss develop age-appropriate communication skills before they start school. Whether someone has a hearing loss or has normal hearing, language meaning can be shared in many ways. [...]

Mipla Binna | Community partners

Community partners The Queensland Hearing Loss Family Support Service acknowledges the work and existing relationships within the hearing sector. Throughout the development of Mipla Binna, we have worked towards developing partnership with our community organisations and will continue to strengthen and grow relationships through the implementation and development of this [...]

Mipla Binna – Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Capability Framework 2010 - 2033 is focused on the provision of culturally appropriate health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers and communities. Cultural capability refers to the skills, knowledge, behaviours and systems that [...]

Last updated: 02 July 2021
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